Shannon Cutts with Pearl cockatiel, Malti redfoot tortoise, Bruce rescued box turtle

Animal Love Languages, the blog, offers a deep dive into the mysterious and fascinating world of animal communication.

Do You Need To Wait Before Communicating With a Pet Who Has Passed?

Is it possible to communicate right away with a pet who has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge? Do you need to wait two days or two weeks or two months before you can reconnect with your departed pet? Shannon of Animal Love Languages weighs in on the debate.

ET Phone Home Is Animal Communication

Want to know what it feels like when I communicate with your pet? Curious about how I became fluent in the universal language of all species? Shannon of Animal Love Languages gives you a fun animal communication activity you can try right away.

Four Ways to Bond With Your Pet

Are you struggling to connect with your pet? Do you find yourself wondering if this is the right pet for you because your bond didn’t just happen? Does your pet do things that absolutely frustrate or mystify you? Learn about four pet parent relationship game changers from animal communicator Shannon Cutts of Animal Love Languages.

Can Animal Communication Help Your Anxious Pet?

Anxiety happens. But is pet anxiety different from people anxiety? How can you tell when your animal’s anxiety has crossed a line? Most importantly, what can you do to help your pet find calm – and you along with them? Shannon of Animal Love Languages helps you help your pet feel better.


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