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Animal Love Languages, the blog, offers a deep dive into the mysterious and fascinating world of animal communication.

Auggie Doggie’s Story: I Was Waiting For You

Rescuing a pet in need isn’t just a simple act of unconditional goodness towards another being. Why? Often we don’t realize this selfless act, while amazing and uplifting, will also put our own vulnerable heart in harm’s way. How? We may ache down to our bones as we learn more about what our new family…

Pet Reincarnation What Is It and How Does It Work

Will Rogers once said, “If dogs don’t go to heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.” Over the past few years, record numbers of souls – both pets and people – have been making their transition to spirit. With each loss, our hearts become more sensitized, more tender, and the…

Animal Communication Transforms An Itchy and Anxious Dog’s Life

Just because our animal companions are cute, cuddly and oh-so-special doesn’t cancel out the challenges of the pet parent life. Being a professional animal communicator doesn’t either! In fact, sometimes living with awakened intuition can even ramp up the interspecies family challenges because the potential to learn from our pets is even greater. Working animal…

Impossible Pet Loss and How to Get Unstuck from Grief

There is nothing like pet death to remind us of how complex the human animal truly is. We are a body. A mind. A heart. A soul or spirit (or whatever word works). This means we think. We sense. We feel. We intuit. And we grieve on each of these levels and even beyond the…


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