Is Your Pet High Maintenance?

Difficult dogs. Cantankerous cats. Perplexing parrots. Temperamental reptiles. They happen to the best of us and all the rest of us. Is your pet difficult? What if your challenging animal companion is trying to teach you something? Shannon of Animal Love Languages tackles the topic of difficult pets and their people.

Need Proof You Can Talk to Your Pet?

Is talking to animals really possible? Like, REALLY? Is there any way to prove that you are talking to your pet and they are understanding – and responding? Shannon of Animal Love Languages tackles the elephant in the room of animal communication.

Do You Have to Be Psychic to Talk to Animals?

s animal communication the same thing as being psychic? Is being psychic even a thing? Can everyone talk to animals or is it just for special people? Let’s find out! Shannon Cutts of Animal Love Languages tackles this tough topic.

What Is It Like to Talk to Animals?

Do you just walk around all the time hearing all the animals? How do you know it is your animal talking and not somebody else? Do animals ever not want to talk to people? Get your burning questions about animal communication answered by Shannon Cutts of Animal Love Languages.

Is Your Pet Driving You Crazy? Tips to Find Calm

Even the cutest pets can have habits that work their people’s last nerve. Why does your pet do that thing that drives you crazy? How can you get your animal to stop doing it? Maybe the place to start isn’t with your pet but with YOU…..Shannon of Animal Love Languages offers tips to stay calm when pets act up.