Ipek’s Story: Home Is Wherever I Am

Having a pet disappear is deeply distressing. Heart-breakingly so. Every day, somebody somewhere is out searching for their missing pet, calling their name, leaving dishes with the animal’s favorite treats, canvassing the neighbors and calling on lost pet experts like animal trackers and animal communicators. But is there more to the story than simply a lost pet when an animal goes missing? Animal communicator Shannon Cutts addresses lesser known aspects of lost pets in this post.

50 Science Supported Lesser Known Facts About Dogs

Dogs, dogs, dogs. The more we know about dogs, the more we want to know. And the more we do learn about humankind’s best and most loyal friend, the more we seek to learn something fresh, something new. Animal communicator Shannon Cutts shares 50 science backed lesser known facts about dogs.

Pet Behavior Change: Is It Them Or You?

Do you have a pet whose behavior seems to change on a whim? Are you struggling to make sense of pets who behave unpredictably only at certain times or around certain people? Do you feel like no matter what you try, you are at the mercy of your pet’s ever-changing behavior issues? Animal communicator Shannon Cutts discusses deeper reasons that can trigger pet behavior changes.

Eli’s Story: Please Let Me Stay

Adding a new pet to your family can create unexpected ripples in your everyday family routine. This is especially true in cases where one or more pets has been rehomed one or more times in the past. Fears and anxieties can create changes in pet behavior and health. Animal communicator Shannon Cutts shares her pet client Eli the Eclectus parrot’s story as a perfect example of how animal communication can help clear the air and restore interspecies family harmony.

My Three Favorite Movies About Animal Communication

Movies are such great teaching tools. But are there any movies that can explain or demonstrate what animal communication is, how it happens, who can do it or how to do it? Animal communicator Shannon Cutts shares her three favorite movies about animal communication.