Can EMF Pollution Hurt Your Pet?

EMFs. EMRs. WiFi. Ionizing vs non-ionizing. What the heck? What do you need to know about EMF pollution? Can it really harm your pet? If yes, how can you protect your pet? Animal intuitive Shannon Cutts simplifies the complex topic of EMR protection for pets.

How Smart Is Your Pet?

There is such a concept as pet smarts. Animal intelligence. What do phrases like these mean to you? How would you apply them to your pet? How would you compare your own intelligence to your pet’s intelligence? Animal communicator Shannon Cutts discusses pet intelligence from the scientific versus intuitive perspective.

Is Your Relationship With Your Pet Complicated?

How would you describe your connection with your pet? Would you say it is more like parent and child? Siblings? Partners? Employer and employee? Friends? Frenemies? Something else? Do you love your pet but you don’t always like them? Animal communicator Shannon Cutts speaks to the troubling topic of difficult pets.

Surviving the Heartbreak of a Missing Pet

Does life really go on after your pet goes missing? What if you never find each other again? Does it mean you are a bad pet parent if you call off the search? Animal communicator Shannon Cutts delves into the difficult topic of lost pets who are not found.

Are You Expecting Too Much From Your Pet?

Are you dealing with the frustration of pet behavior problems? Do you have two pets who can’t seem to get along? Have you tried everything and still the best way to describe your relationship with your pet is “it’s complicated?” Animal communicator Shannon Cutts talks about what animal communication can and cannot do.