Channy’s Story: A Whole New World

When a big loss is looming, it often gives us tunnel vision. To protect ourselves from unmentionable heartache, we feel tempted to decide in advance how the loss itself will affect us from that moment forward. This is part of what makes working with pets and their people so interesting! Do pets share our dread of pet loss, death and grief? Or do our animals have access to a bigger picture perspective? Channy’s story is the perfect way to answer this question.

Does Your Pet Enjoy Music?

Dogs howling along as their person plunks on the piano. Cats meowing when their human strums the guitar. A cow that moos in time as his person sings a cappella melodies. Birds…..singing. Is your pet a music lover? How can you know if your animal enjoys music? Animal communicator Shannon Cutts of Animal Love Languages talks about yet another shared interest that crosses species boundaries – music.

Casi’s Story: We Are Partners

Pet death is one of the top two reasons pet guardians reach out to me for an animal communication session. What are these caring humans hoping to receive from working with me? Always, a safe space to be seen, heard, supported. Often, a glimpse into the world across the Rainbow Bridge. And frequently, a glimmer of hope that the death of their pet’s body is not the end of their heart connection. But what is possible when your animal’s physical form is no longer habitable? Casi’s story holds the answer to this question.

Joe’s Story: I Know What You Need to Do

Brene Brown’s book “Daring Greatly” introduced us human animals to the idea of stepping into the arena of life, tackling the tough challenges and only accepting insight and input from trusted fellow warriors who are actively engaged in self-evolution and growth. But what if your best friend is your animal, your pet? Can your pet also be your mentor in the way of “Daring Greatly?” Can you ask your animal for advice about what to do and if yes, how do you do that? Animal communicator Shannon Cutts shares the amazing story of how one of her pet clients helped turn things around for his human.

Ipek’s Story: Home Is Wherever I Am

Having a pet disappear is deeply distressing. Heart-breakingly so. Every day, somebody somewhere is out searching for their missing pet, calling their name, leaving dishes with the animal’s favorite treats, canvassing the neighbors and calling on lost pet experts like animal trackers and animal communicators. But is there more to the story than simply a lost pet when an animal goes missing? Animal communicator Shannon Cutts addresses lesser known aspects of lost pets in this post.