How to Know Your Pet Is Really Talking to You

Working with an animal communicator can be a joyous, liberating experience. It can also be frustratingly mental and full of doubts. When you work with an animal communicator, how can you know it is really your pet talking to you and not just your mind that wants so badly to believe? I have two constantsContinue reading “How to Know Your Pet Is Really Talking to You”

When Should You Hire An Animal Communicator

Sometimes you just know. It is time – time to find out what your pet wants, needs, thinks, feels or knows. And then sometimes you don’t know and you are stuck up in your mind trying to “figure out” if animal communication can help. When should you hire an animal communicator? Shannon of Animal Love Languages offers 3 tips.

What Is Animal Communication & How Does It Work?

Animal communication. Is this a loaded term? Is an animal communicator a pet psychic? What does psychic mean anyway? Learn about animal communication from Shannon Cutts of Animal Love Languages.