Is Your Pet Worried or Anxious? There Is a Difference

Is your pet showing signs of chronic worry or anxiety? Do you worry that your pet is worried? Are you anxious over your anxious pet? While worry and anxiety are two words that are often used interchangeably, in the animal world there is a difference. Animal communicator Shannon Cutts offers insight on how to know and what to do with a worried or anxious pet.

Can Turtles and Tortoises Talk?

Are turtles and tortoises smart? Can they communicate? Are there fundamental differences between longtime pet species like dogs and cats and reptiles like turtles and tortoises? If given the opportunity, will reptiles communicate with their owners? Animal communicator Shannon Cutts talks about turtle intelligence.

Are You Underestimating Your Pet?

Does your pet seem to have selective hearing during training sessions? Do you sometimes see a certain look in your pet’s eyes, but then tell yourself you must be imagining things? Have you caught yourself using words like “sweet” or “stubborn” to describe your pet’s behavior or personality? Could you be underestimating your pet? Animal intuitive Shannon Cutts talks about pet smarts vs people smarts.

Steps to Take to Find Your Lost Pet

What should you do first when you discover your pet has gone missing? What should you do next after that? How can you harness all that anxious worried energy so it might actually do some good to reunite you with your pet quicker? Animal intuitive Shannon Cutts walks you through the steps to take to find your lost pet.

How Smart Is Your Pet?

There is such a concept as pet smarts. Animal intelligence. What do phrases like these mean to you? How would you apply them to your pet? How would you compare your own intelligence to your pet’s intelligence? Animal communicator Shannon Cutts discusses pet intelligence from the scientific versus intuitive perspective.