4 Pet Wellness Tools You Cannot Afford To Ignore

The word is officially out. Pet parents adore their pets – to the point that we call them family members – and we have money to spend. What else can explain the meteoric rise in profitability across the global pet industry? We want to say “I love you” to our companion animals. And we want to make sure they understand. With the ever-present interspecies language barrier in mind, we pull out our wallets yet again, putting our money where we wish our mouth could go, so to speak. But is it working? Does our pet really benefit from our financial choices on their behalf? Animal communicator Shannon Cutts shares what the pets want their people to know about what they truly want and need.

Can EMF Pollution Hurt Your Pet?

EMFs. EMRs. WiFi. Ionizing vs non-ionizing. What the heck? What do you need to know about EMF pollution? Can it really harm your pet? If yes, how can you protect your pet? Animal intuitive Shannon Cutts simplifies the complex topic of EMR protection for pets.