Pet Personality Changes and What This Really Means

personality from year to year? Are you concerned about why a pet might undergo a personality change? Animal communicator Shannon Cutts offers a different take on this common pet problem.

How Smart Is Your Pet?

There is such a concept as pet smarts. Animal intelligence. What do phrases like these mean to you? How would you apply them to your pet? How would you compare your own intelligence to your pet’s intelligence? Animal communicator Shannon Cutts discusses pet intelligence from the scientific versus intuitive perspective.

Is Your Relationship With Your Pet Complicated?

How would you describe your connection with your pet? Would you say it is more like parent and child? Siblings? Partners? Employer and employee? Friends? Frenemies? Something else? Do you love your pet but you don’t always like them? Animal communicator Shannon Cutts speaks to the troubling topic of difficult pets.

ET Phone Home Is Animal Communication

Want to know what it feels like when I communicate with your pet? Curious about how I became fluent in the universal language of all species? Shannon of Animal Love Languages gives you a fun animal communication activity you can try right away.

4 Things to Try When You and Your Pet Can’t Get Along

Are you and your pet having trouble? Do you seem to disagree about everything from what to eat for breakfast to when to take that all-important evening walk? Do you love your pet but they are also working your last nerve? Shannon Cutts of Animal Love Languages tells you what to do to fix it.