Auggie Doggie’s Story: I Was Waiting For You

Rescuing a pet in need isn’t just a simple act of unconditional goodness towards another being. Why? Often we don’t realize this selfless act, while amazing and uplifting, will also put our own vulnerable heart in harm’s way. How? We may ache down to our bones as we learn more about what our new family member had to endure before we adopted them. We may know going in that medical bills will be high and life expectancy will be short. The joy and sorrow of pet rescue can seem inseparable. So why do we do it? What makes us so sure rescuing an animal is for us? Auggie Doggie the rescued bully’s story highlights what makes rescuing a dog, cat or other shelter pet such a powerful and even life-changing choice.

Can Your Pet Reincarnate and Come Back to You?

Can pets reincarnate? If pets can reincarnate, can they come back to be with you again? How can you find a pet who has reincarnated and is waiting to reunite with you? Is there a danger your pet will reincarnate but you will never find each other again? Animal communicator Shannon Cutts talks about the mysterious world of pet reincarnation.