Floppy’s Story: A Soul Cat Crosses Over

Any experience of pet loss is hard. Sudden losses can be particularly difficult. Unexpected sudden losses are often downright excruciating. Why do our pets leave us in this particularly traumatic way? Did they want to go? Did they plan it? Did the abrupt transition to spirit surprise them the way it often surprises us? Floppy the cat shares her perspective on the light behind the dark clouds of sudden unexpected pet death.

50 Science Supported Lesser Known Facts About Horses

Horses. Equines. Those marvelous, majestic beings with a seeming extra-sensory capacity to empathize and understand us. Humans and horses have a solid 25,000+ years of relationship building under our combined belts. Yet there is still so much to learn about our helpmates with hooves. Animal communicator Shannon Cutts shares 50 science backed lesser known facts about horses to delight all equine lovers.

Identifying the HSPet – Is Your Pet Highly Sensitive?

Heightened sensitivity is a documented trait for both people and pets. In fact, estimates suggest up to 20 percent of any given species population may carry the markers for high sensitivity. But what does “highly sensitive” or “hsp” really mean? What does this trait look like in action? Is there an easy and reliable way to figure out if your personal pet is highly sensitive? Most importantly, what do highly sensitive pets need to feel safe and happy and stay healthy? In this post, animal intuitive Shannon Cutts talks about highly sensitive pets, their traits and qualities and special needs.

Animal Communication Transforms An Itchy and Anxious Dog’s Life

Just because our animal companions are cute, cuddly and oh-so-special doesn’t cancel out the challenges of the pet parent life. Being a professional animal communicator doesn’t either! In fact, sometimes living with awakened intuition can even ramp up the interspecies family challenges because the potential to learn from our pets is even greater. Working animal intuitive Shannon Cutts shares the ongoing story of how animal communication is transforming the life of her family’s eight-year-old standard wire-haired dachshund, Flash Gordon.

A Professional Animal Communicator Talks Honestly About Pet Loss and Grief

As we become more disconnected from the natural world itself and the wild lives unfolding all around us, our connections with our companion animals – our pets – are becoming deeper and more significant than ever before. We feel a closeness and kinship to our pets that we may not even feel to any other human animals in our lives. So when our pet dies, the loss can devastate us. What can we do to survive our loss? Where can we go for support? Who can we talk with for comfort? Is there anything that helps make the grief journey shorter and less painful? Professional animal intuitive Shannon Cutts tackles this intensely tough topic head-on, sharing about her own experiencing navigating crushing pet loss and grief.