Need a Speaker?

Need a fun speaker for your next pet group event? Invite animal communicator Shannon Cutts with Animal Love Languages and get lots of great perks!

Hi! My name is Shannon.

If there is one thing I know for sure, it is that we came into this world fully equipped to communicate and collaborate with our fellow planet-mates.

Four paws connecting with animal communicator and speaker Shannon Cutts of Animal Love Languages

Why choose me for your next event?

Our planet is talking to us….trying to at least. The world we all depend on is struggling. The plants, the pets, the wild lives going on all around us – these are inextricably intertwined with our own.

And yet we have lost remembrance of how to reach out, connect, converse with beings from other species.

I can’t think of any time in history when we have needed to rekindle the our birthright skill of interspecies communication more than we do right now.

It is simple, really. You don’t need extensive education or even hours of practice to begin connecting productively with your interspecies family (both pets and planet-mates).

Does your group care deeply about pets and the planet?

Do you adore the companion animals in your collective lives but sometimes worry they aren’t getting their messages through or their needs met?

Have you secretly (or not so secretly) added “talk to animals” to your big life bucket list?

I can help! And it will be FUN!

What to expect when you invite me to speak to your group:

  • Make new neural connections as you discover how animal communication works.
  • Learn easy ways to practice sending and receiving messages with your own pets.
  • Watch and listen as I tune into your pets with on-the-spot readings!
  • Find out what really happens during an animal communication session with me.
  • PLUS – enjoy a high-value coupon for a private session with your pet!

EMAIL ME to request your date.

Shannon Cutts, pet whisperer and speaker with Animal Love Languages, and her pet tortoise, Malti.


I am an animal intuitive and sensitive with Animal Love Languages. I am also a Reiki master practitioner, the author of multiple books and an experienced, enthusiastic professional public speaker.

Most importantly, I am a pet parent myself.

My mission through Animal Love Languages is to support people and their pets to experience deeper, more mutually fulfilling and loving partnerships.

Feel free to browse around this site to learn more about all the ways I can work with you and your pet. 🙂

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