Animal Communication Session

Animal communication with extra depth and meaning. Delivering powerful messages for pets and their people.

The method of animal communication I have developed is called ReikiBOOST™. And these are just a few of the benefits you can expect to receive when you schedule your pet’s session.

What happens during your pet’s animal intuitive session with me?

You can choose between a 30-minute session and a 60-minute session. Both session types include each of the following:

  • 15 minute distance Animal Reiki transmission (sent just prior to your session)
  • Animal Communication session (Zoom, phone or email)
  • Ask up to 2 questions per animal during your session
  • One FREE follow-up question (my reply via audio recording)

Your total investment is $95 (30 minutes, 1 animal) or $150 (60 minutes, 2-3 animals).

I’m in! Let’s book it!

Learn about ReikiBOOST™ animal communication

Why is the combination of animal communication and Reiki so effective?

Animal communication makes use of a sensory language shared by all species.

My ReikiBOOST™ session pairs sensory language and healing energy together to create deeper, more supportive and beneficial connections between animals and their people.

Why not just do regular animal communication?

Don’t get me wrong – animal communication on its own is highly beneficial to both the human and the animal. I can personally attest to this, as I spent several months offering “regular” animal intuitive sessions before I launched ReikiBOOST™.

However, I can also affirm that Reiki-supported animal communication offers a depth and wealth of results beyond what simple animal communication on its own can offer.

person and dog in silhouette at sunset - animal communication with Shannon of Animal Love Languages

This is because Reiki, like animal communication, flows from the power of our intention and attention.

Our intention directs our attention, which in turn directs the flow of energy itself towards the greater good of all.

When we come together with a shared intention to improve your connection with your animal, and we turn the full force of our shared attention towards achieving that goal, magical things can (and often do!) happen.

How did you discover ReikiBOOST™?

I wish I could take full credit for such a sweet creation. But like all benevolent inspirations, ReikiBOOST™ came to me as a subtle invitation – a light tap-tap-tap on the shoulder from the Greater Good to my Higher Self. My part was simply to pay attention and accept the invitation when it arrived.

feather falling into person's hand - animal communication with Shannon of Animal Love Languages

And so one day it happened that I found myself contemplating….

Why not start each animal intuitive session by offering Reiki to the human, to the animal, to their partnership, to the situation that has brought them to you, and to the animal communication session itself?

Wow. Could that work?

Curiosity being what it is, of course I tried it out immediately.

And I immediately noticed a marked improvement in the accuracy, quality and depth of information I was receiving from the animals, as well as the overall flow and outcome of each animal intuitive session.

hatchling redfoot tortoise in palm of hand - Malti and Shannon of Animal Love Languages animal communication
white bunny touching woman's hand - animal communication with Shannon of Animal Love Languages
quaker parrot getting neck feather scratches - animal communication with Shannon of Animal Love Languages

ReikiBOOST™ is now my preferred method for working with animals and their humans. I am honored to make these sessions available to you and the animals you care for, love and treasure.

Ready to experience the benefits of ReikiBOOST™ for you and your pet?