Rainbow Bridge Pet Medium

Rainbow Bridge pet medium Session

Reconnect directly with your pet who is imminent or has passed. Ask questions and get answers that can comfort and support you now and in the future. Learn why your animal chose you and what they want to teach you.

Animal communication taps into the universal language of all species. This universal language continues to be available to us even after your pet has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

This means you and your pet can still “talk” to each other – with a little help from a human bridge…..me!

It is my deep honor and privilege to support you and your pet before, during and after the end of life process.

What happens during a Rainbow Bridge pet medium session?

Currently I am offering a 30 minute and a 60 minute session.

You can choose to have your session via Zoom, phone or email.

I would love to talk with my pet on the other side!

Learn about pet mediumship & animal communication

Why is it called animal communication?

Animal communication makes use of a (sort of) secret language that is shared by all species.

What does the word “medium” mean?

Literally? Medium means “middle.” Beings who have left their body vibrate at a higher frequency than beings like us who are still embodied.

So your pet needs to dial down their frequency a notch to make that connection back across the veil to this physical plane.

As a medium, I in turn need to dial up my frequency a notch to make the connection to the other side.

Ergo, “mediumship.” We meet in the middle.

How is animal communication different when a pet has passed?

It isn’t different – at least not in my experience. It feels exactly the same to me. In fact, if you didn’t tell me your animal has passed, I probably would not know it.

But it took time and training to get to that place. Why? Because the mind can be a formidable doubter!

When you are grieving the loss of a pet in the physical realm, this is not the time to try to tackle your mind’s objections or override your heart’s pain. This is the time to reach out for support to feel that connection again with your animal love.

This is where I come in.

During our Rainbow Bridge pet medium session, I function as a bridge to help you and your pet talk to each another.

It is truly my joy and honor to help you and your pet connect, converse and create a closer, more loving lifetime bond through animal communication even beyond the veil.

Ready to reconnect with your pet on the other side?