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animal communicator Shannon Cutts with Animal Love Languages

Frequently Asked Questions About Animal Intuitive Sessions

Does your animal need to be present for your session? How much information should you provide in advance? Should you send a photo?

How to Prepare for Your Pet Energy Healing & Wellness Session

You and your pet do not need to make any special preparations before your session. However, it can be nice to offer your pet a quiet, peaceful place if they decide to take a nap during their session!

How to Prepare for Your Animal Communication Session

Pet intuitive animal communication sessions are currently available in four session types: Zoom, phone, remote and local in-person (Houston, TX only)

Here are instructions on how to prepare for each type of session.

Zoom Session Preparation

If you have chosen the Zoom session option, I will send you the meeting ID and passcode prior to your session date and time.

You are welcome to take notes and/or record the session on your end using Zoom or any recording audio/video app of your choice.

Phone Session Preparation

If you selected a phone session, I will call you at the phone number you provided with your session registration.

You are welcome to take notes and/or record the session on your end using any audio app or device of your choice.

Remote Session Preparation

If you selected a remote (email or distance) session, you don’t need to do anything further to prepare.

Within 24 hours after your scheduled session time, I will send you a recorded audio file with all of the information I received during the session with your animal.

Local (In-Person) Pet Session (Houston, TX only)

If you selected a local in-person pet session, please do consider making alternate arrangements for any pets we will not be connecting with directly during your session.

Be sure you have a quiet space reserved for us to meet, either within your home or outside (if the weather accommodates). Making these advance preparations will help you get the most out of your pet’s session.

Find more answers on the Frequently Asked Questions page

The Frequently Asked Questions page has lots of additional information to help you prepare and enjoy the most enriching, useful pet session with me.