Let’s Talk to Animals is a podcast and YouTube series that features leaders in the evolving field of animal communication.

Let's Talk to Animals podcast and YouTube series about animal communication with host Shannon Cutts of Animal Love Languages

In this series, I chat with talented animal intuitives, animal mediums and pet psychics about what animal communication is, why it works, how it works, different methods of talking to animals and how to get started.

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Shannon talks with Meg Vickell of Modern Day Dolittle

Now available to watch and listen!

Shannon talks with Kate Foggo of Barking At the Moon

Now available to watch and listen!

Coming Soon!

September 29, 2021: Shannon talks with Tim Link of Wagging Tales

October 6, 2021: Shannon talks with Jody Crotty of An Animal’s Love Is Infinite

October 13, 2021: Shannon talks with Tami Hendrix of SoulSpeak

October 20, 2021: Shannon talks with Anne Angelo Webb, Part 1

October 27, 2021: Shannon talks with Melinda Donaldson of Messages with Melinda

November 3, 2021: Shannon talks with Rose Proud

November 10, 2021: Shannon talks with Ana Maria Vasquez of Intention Training

November 17, 2021: Shannon talks with Erin Elam of Whispering Hearts

December 1, 2021: Shannon talks with pet loss and grief specialist Marcia Zais

December 8, 2021: Shannon talks with Anne Angelo Webb, Part 2

December 15, 2021: Shannon talks with Animal Communication Insights’s Joanne Yeoh

January 5, 2022: Shannon talks with Trisha Wren of Equine Energetics

January 12, 2022: Shannon talks with Cara Gubbins

January 19, 2022: Shannon talks with Ali Katz

January 26, 2022: Shannon talks with Karen Dendy Smith

February 2, 2022: Shannon talks with Maribeth Decker of Sacred Grove

February 9, 2022: Shannon talks with Marie-Lune Fortin

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