Pet Grief Workshop with Shannon

You don’t have to remain isolated and alone in your pet grief process. Let’s be honest – pet grief can be SO painful! I know – I’ve been there too. This workshop experience was born out of that struggle to cope and is designed help you feel calmer, clearer, and most importantly more CONNECTED to your pet in spirit.

We will meet LIVE on Zoom on Tues, March 7, 2023, from 7-9 pm CST for this first-of-its-kind experience.

Guided breathing techniques to calm body and mind and release pain and sadness.

My handpicked grief support toolkit including my 4 favorite essential oils and 4 favorite crystals!

A beautiful pet love meditation to help you reconnect with your pet in spirit and feel their love for you.

A closing pet Reiki circle experience to seal your renewed bond with your pet angel.

A recording of the full workshop so you can continue learning and using your new grief support tools.

A handout of recommended essential oils and healing crystals to ground and support you in your grief.

A hand-compiled list of pet grief support resources and tools you can start using right away.

An invitation to continue keeping company with me and other grieving pet parents in a unique way!

You won’t regret it – this beautiful first-of-a-kind workshop has been hand-curated with YOU and your animal love in mind. (PLUS, enjoy the full two hours of content for just $24 in honor of my precious soulbird Pearl’s 24 years of life.)

Mark your calendar now for Tuesday, March 7, 2023, from 7-9 pm CST on ZOOM.

Just one more click and your space will be reserved (please be aware spots for this event are limited).