Pet Messages

It might surprise you to hear me – a trained and experienced animal intuitive – admit this.

But the truth is, I used to be afraid of talking to my own animals because I thought they would be mad at me, criticize me, say they didn’t like me or find fault with my pet parenting skills.

It was only when I began helping other animals and their people connect intuitively and these beautiful messages started to flow in that I lost my fear.

In following my calling, I also realized that, unlike with so many human-to-human conversations I’ve had through the years, animals are always honest AND they are always loving when they communicate with their people.

I have yet to find even a single exception to this truth.

Now, at the end of each animal intuitive session, I always ask the animal if they have a special message or soul lesson to share with their person.

They always do!

And I always jot it down to savor and treasure later…and forever.

May these words of inspiration, support, encouragement and love from pets to their people bless you as they bless me each and every day.

Two hands patting dog animal love languages

Worry less, cuddle more.

TRUST your heart.

Pay attention to everything – everything matters. The devil is in the details and so is the light.

Calm down, slow down and trust the process.

cat paws human feet animal love languages

Self acceptance is key.

QUIET is your biggest strength.

Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Pause (paws) to receive before giving more.

horse animal love languages

The natural way is best.

Put yourself first.

You are STRONG.

Be open and honest.

kitten with flower animal love languages

Hold space for yourself.

Know who you are – show up as YOU.

Be calm as water.

Trust your instincts.

fluffy puppy sharing sweater with person animal love languages


Self care is not optional.

Take time for your life.

Seek out a quiet space when you need it.

african grey parrot animal love languages

Be willing to change things up.

Wake up to your intuition.

You are GOOD. You are better than you know.

It’s okay to come and go as you please – I come and go as I please and you love me anyway.

 bearded dragon animal love languages

Confidence, confidence, confidence. All of you is beautiful.

Life can be FUN!

You are a precious jewel.

Just be – you are good enough.

tortoise in grass animal love languages

Nothing is ever wasted.

Love is always available.


Trust the flow of life but also ask for help.

sun conure animal love languages

You do not need to be perfect – you are perfect as you are.

Take time for yourself.

JOY is the healer.

Trust in the timing of all good things.

bunny rabbit animal love languages

You have enough to live life fully.

Wake up.

It’s okay to be soft – let your softness show.

You can talk to me INSIDE.

lizard animal love languages

Go inside.

Breathe. Take a load off. Take it in.

Take a minute.

Be CALM and confident like me.

hamster animal love languages

Tune in.

Trust your gut.

Pay attention to tiny GOOD things.

Just be.

puppy animal love languages

It’s okay to take your time. Don’t rush yourself.

BEING TOGETHER is the most important.

Playing is FUN!

Come back to center.

puppy hug hamster animal love languages

You can feel what I feel.

Be PATIENT with yourself.

Come back to this moment.

Hold tightly to the things that matter most.

When you know, you know.

It’s good to let off steam.

Don’t be afraid to seek SUPPORT.

Trust the flow – your gut will tell you what to do.

Ready to discover the special message your pet has for you?