Meet Shannon

Animal communicator and Reiki Master practitioner Shannon Cutts with Animal Love Languages.

Hi! I’m Shannon.

Animal sensitive & intuitive.

Reiki Master practitioner.

Animal communication teacher & mentor.

As Dr. Temple Grandin says, “animals make us human.”

My animal loves and our fragile natural world inspire me to be a better human every single day.

I care deeply about all animals….human and non-human.

That was the year I spent 365 straight days begging my parents for a parrot.

Perky, a smart and sociable green and yellow parakeet, arrived on my 8th birthday. We were inseparable for 11 glorious years.

Since then, I have kept company with many animal loves (keep scrolling to meet my current interspecies family!) and I am forever the better for their wisdom, love and good company.

Shannon of Animal Love Languages as a teen with Perky, her very first soul bird, a green and yellow parakeet.

You and your pet are a family. And a team.

Animal communicator Shannon Cutts with her cockatiel Pearl, redfoot tortoise Malti and dachshund Flash.

Animal communication is about more than just learning to tune in to receive and translate interspecies messages.

It is also about connecting with you, the animal’s human.

Most importantly, animal communication is about supporting you and your pet to feel closer and more connected at every stage of life, including after they have passed into spirit.

And sometimes that gets complicated. Stuff can come up.

Could your interspecies family use a pep talk, a mediator, a translator, an objective new voice, a fresh perspective, an unconditionally loving mentor?

Our connection with our pets continues after death.

Reiki for animals of all species can work miracles.

animal communicator Shannon Cutts with tortoise Malti

The first time I experienced what Reiki energy can truly accomplish was when my father was in hospice and I was offering Reiki to help keep him calm and comfortable.

Animals can be particularly sensitive and receptive to Reiki energy. This is because non-human animals naturally vibrate at a very pure, high frequency. This is their set point. Their systems don’t know what to do with EMFs, human anxiety, environmental toxins, and the artificial world of humans living separate and apart from nature.

Animal Reiki can help your animal love recalibrate after illness or injury, loss or change. Reiki can be an invaluable source of support for pets at any age and in any stage of life.

I received my Reiki certifications (I, II, Master) through Mystic Reiki & Wellness. I am also trained to offer medical intuition for pets, pet EFT tapping, pet scalar wave treatments, pet crystal and color therapy and pet chakra balancing.

You, too, can learn the universal language of all species.

If you have ever studied another language, you know it isn’t enough to just buy the books or download the app.

You actually have to practice to improve your skill.

While many people do learn by picking up a book or just “winging it” here and there, at the beginning it can really help to have a guide to show you the ropes.

From there, practice is truly all that is needed to refine your birthright ability to talk to animals directly.

Do you want to learn how to do what I do? I can teach you.

Animal communicator Shannon Cutts with rescued 3-toed box turtle Bruce

Highly sensitive people & pets are my specialty.

Shannon Cutts of Animal Love Languages with her soulbird cockatiel Pearl

Most of us understand the concept of the highly sensitive person. But what about pets?

Research shows the trait of high sensitivity is not limited to the human animal. Up to 20 percent of any species population may have the genetic makeup to be highly sensitive.

I am a highly sensitive person myself. And I have cared for highly sensitive animals all my life.

Do you suspect (or know) you have a highly sensitive pet? I can help!

Meet my interspecies family

My loves (from far top left)

Pearl: my 24-year old cockatiel soulbird (2000-2023)

Malti: my South American redfoot tortoise

Flash Gordon: our family’s wirehaired dachshund

Io: my hatchling 3-toed box turtle

Animal communicator Shannon Cutts and her interspecies family

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