I’ll tell you where interspecies communication can really be a good time – in the media!

You just never know who you might meet or wind up in deep conversation with. Tortoises. Turkeys. Canines and felines and equines and more.

Enjoy these clips from my media adventures.

Need a media guest? Let’s CONNECT.

Shannon Cutts, animal communicator with Animal Love Languages

Have a pet question or problem only animal communication can answer? I can help!

Animal communication & pet Reiki to support veterinary treatment? Yes, please!

Reiki News Magazine animal communication and reiki during veterinary treatment with Shannon Cutts of Animal Love Languages

Meet my interspecies family on The Dodo (8.8M views & counting!)

Talking with Mix 99.5 Morning Show host Lora Songster about pet loss & reincarnation

Animal communicator Shannon Cutts is interviewed by Lora Songster for Mix 99.5

Talking Turkey (literally!) on SoulSpeak with my friend & colleague Tami Hendrix

Chat with Posifest’s Shalhavit-Simcha Cohen about interspecies family harmony

Interview with author Babette de Jongh about memorable animal conversations

Let’s Talk to Animals

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