Learn to Talk to Animals

Animal communicator Shannon Cutts teaches you how to talk to animals

Hi! Welcome! Shannon here…..

…..and may I just say, what an exciting step to take!

To decide you are “in” – you want to learn to talk to animals.

By the way, you should know up front that this is one Animal Communication Adventure you will be on for the rest of your life. This is not a journey with a set destination.

Rather, this is an adventure that will keep unfolding every single day from this day forward, offering you a never-ending series of fresh new interspecies communication miracles to marvel at and treasure.

You should also know that your ultimate goal – your reason for why you want to learn to talk to animals – doesn’t matter right now. It truly doesn’t matter if you want to be a hobbyist – an occasional animal communicator – or a professional offering paid or volunteer sessions for humans and their animals.

Why? Because we are all born with the same basic operating software. We all have the ability to talk to other species. Which means we all have to start in the same place and learn the same basic lessons.

And because ultimately, what sets the animal communication professionals (whether fee-based or volunteer-based) apart from the hobbyists is not “head knowledge” but experiential PRACTICE.

Heart balloons compass animal communicator Shannon Cutts teaches you to talk to animals

So here is where we begin. Here at True North, where the purity of your intention and the animals’ great desire and need to talk to you meet.

We are going to build you a truly firm foundation and set you up for a lifetime of success with your interspecies conversations.

The lessons in this course will gift you with everything your mind needs to “know” about learning to talk to animals clearly, consistently, effectively.

All the rest of what you need to learn will come from practicing with real animals.

(For that, you will want to be a part of a practice group, whether here or elsewhere, so you can talk with animals regularly, get feedback and validation, grow your confidence and deepen your intuitive pathways to send and receive clear communications.)

But for right now, let’s get you set up on that firm foundation of knowledge so you will succeed no matter what.

Are you ready to begin? Great! Let’s get to it!

What will you be learning?

So happy you asked! The first thing you need to know is that I teach directly from my own experience.

This means you will be learning the exact steps I take to open up every single animal communication session I do, whether that animal is embodied or in spirit.

You will also learn the mindset, heart-set and philosophy I abide by and have since day one – to approach each animal you wish to talk to with your empty cup of curiosity, wonder, eagerness to learn, transparency, humility, integrity and profound RESPECT.

The truth is, animals find this combination irresistible!

Paws gears heart animal communicator Shannon Cutts teaches you to talk to animals

And I will walk you through the specific tools I employ every single day to create and maintain clear communication channels using each major sensory pathway, including your own physical body.

You will discover that you, too, CAN DO THIS. You can talk to animals.

And you can do it right now, not someday after you’ve studied for six weeks or six months or six years or six lifetimes.

You can do it today.

What comes with this course package?

Desk pets you animal communicator Shannon Cutts teaches you to talk to animals

I am so happy to share that this entire course package has been carefully curated to deliver a deep dive into active, practical animal communication, starting right now.

There is no “fluff.” We will be taking apart everything your mind thinks it knows about how to talk to animals and then putting it back together with all the pieces, the building blocks, in perfect and pristine order.

By the end of this course, your mind will know what its job and its role is in the whole process. Your body will know it is one of your superpowers in animal communication. Your heart and gut will sync up with your senses and intuition to receive clear messages from the animals and send clear messages back to them.

So what do you get with your course package?

  • Six self-contained lessons addressing ALL the necessary building blocks for your success.
  • The complete “Visual Guide to Animal Communication” that accompanies the lessons.
  • A guided email series with practice prompts to help you start practicing NOW.
  • Three additional bonus videos to support you as you start practicing animal communication.
  • The invitation to join my weekly Animal Communication Practice Group with a free 30-day trial.
  • The option to add on a private one-hour mentoring session at a 55% discount price.

That’s what you get!

Simple, streamlined, designed to get you started the instant you click “I’m IN” below!

Wait – what happens once I sign up?

Paw heart stars animal communicator Shannon Cutts teaches animal communication

Awesome question! The first thing that happens is you get a confirmation you are IN.

The next thing that happens is your first email prompt arrives.

After that, you will receive your first lesson. And then another email with practice prompts.

Then you will receive your second lesson….and this continues for 12 weeks until you have received all six lessons and all six email practice prompts.

As soon as you receive your second lesson, you will also receive an invitation to join our private animal communication practice group with a 30-day free trial. We meet weekly and I serve as your guide.

What happens after I complete the course?

The first thing that happens is you receive my profound gratitude and admiration.

And if you chose the add-on one-hour private mentoring session with me, we will schedule that.

You will then be free to take your animal communication adventure in whichever direction your awakening intuition directs you.

Whether that is to serve rescue animals, to connect more deeply with your own interspecies family, to continue forward to pursue a dream of working professionally in the field or anywhere else your heart for animals desires.

Remember, working with me is a step on your unique journey to remember and rekindle your innate ability to talk with all species (and I am always happy to continue to serve you through private mentoring and coaching as you feel the need).

But ultimately, your animal communication journey itself is YOURS. For LIFE.

And I hope you embrace it enthusiastically and enjoy it thoroughly!

From my heart Shannon Cutts teaches animal communication

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