IPP Masterclass

Welcome to Your Intuitive Pet Parent Masterclass

Intuitive Pet Parent Masterclass with animal communicator Shannon Cutts of Animal Love Languages

Congratulations on completing the Intuitive Pet Parent Workshop!

In just four sessions, you have already experienced how just five dedicated minutes per day can serve to:

1. Bring more daily JOY into your life with your pet.

2. Help you and your pet feel CLOSER on a daily basis.

Do you feel it? The gratitude for small daily gifts as you wake up each day to learn something fresh and wonderfully new about your animal companion?

Can you sense it? The inner intuitive wisdom that is always available within you to guide you in giving your pet the BEST possible life?

Intuitive Pet Parent Masterclass with animal communicator Shannon Cutts of Animal Love Languages

Now it is time to take it deeper. To really build a life together.

To feel that soul-to-soul connection when times are great and when times are tough. To be your pet’s best friend as they are yours.

And with that, I invite you to join me for a truly life-changing adventure….

I invite you to the Intuitive Pet Parent Masterclass.

The 4-part Intuitive Pet Parent Workshop you just completed gave you a taste of what is possible when you tune into your own intuition while focusing on your pet.

The Masterclass picks up where the Workshop left off, offering you weekly activities to deepen your intuitivensights while creating that closer connection with your pet that you both crave.

What You Receive

Weekly LIVE sessions with me

Weekly live ZOOM with me (1pm CT each Wednesday). Replay links are sent out 24 hours after.

Access to all content on demand

Join the Masterclass anytime and access all content on demand. So you never have to worry about missing out.

Private Facebook group

Private community group to share your experiences with other pet parents and ask me questions in between our weekly sessions.

20 percent discount

Automatic 20 percent discount when you book any private session with me (includes animal communication, rainbow bridge medium and animal Reiki).

$27 a month

….and you are IN.

(cancel anytime, rejoin anytime)

Meet your guide

Hi! I’m Shannon.

I am an animal sensitive and intuitive, Reiki master practitioner, pet medium and enthusiastic proponent of interspecies connection, wellness and harmony.

I specialize in highly intuitive pet parents and highly sensitive pets. It is my delight and honor to be your guide for this Intuitive Pet Parent Masterclass!