Why You Pick Reptiles

Animal communicator Shannon Cutts talks about why people love reptiles and tortoises as pets

Why you pick REPTILES.

You are drawn to us because we are the origin of it all.

We are the keeper of all life and the memory of memory itself.

Before us, there was mere gleaming possibility here on this young round planet – a nearly blank canvas only we had the courage to step out onto and begin to enliven with color and life.

And so, for you, watching us is like listening to the story of the inner earth herself. Watching us, you begin to wonder afresh about your own story once more.

Our resilient presence in the face of so many pressing threats reminds you that all is not lost in a moment of setback or sadness.

The constancy of our company rekindles your creativity and hope.

We inspire you to do more with less, to show up with what you’ve got, to help and to hope, and to realize the wise answers you seek are inside you now and always have been.

Find out why your pet chose you!