Why You Pick Horses

Animal communicator Shannon Cutts talks about why people love horses as pets

Why you pick HORSES.

You are drawn to us to feel your humanness more fully.

We come to free you from the analytical left brained world view that has left you deeply estranged from your soul self.

Through our partnership with you, we teach you how to reconnect the two hemispheres of your brain to each other.

And then we guide you along the path to rejoin your head with your heart once again.

From there, we teach you to befriend your gut and the intuition that dwells within, because without its help you won’t be able to create the closeness with us and others that your spirit craves.

Most of all, we point you forever back, back, back, to the inner partnership with yourself, so you remember how it feels to be on your own side, to be your own best advocate and friend.

Find out why your pet chose you!