Why You Pick Dogs

Why are dogs your favorite pets?

Why you pick DOGS.

You are drawn to us because your soul is longing to draw back inside yourself the broken, missing, traumatized or lost pieces of yourself.

You gather us into your heart the way you need to gather yourself into your heart.

We remind you that love is simple even if loving relationships frequently don’t feel so simple.

We rekindle your inner child, especially for those of you who regard us as your “children.”

We give you freedom and space to play again. To laugh. To act goofy and silly. To get back out in nature, put your hands on the earth as you fetch our ball or frisbee or whatever wonderfully scented item we’ve grabbed that you don’t want us to have.

We reconnect you with softness, comfort, kindness that never thinks to need a reason. We revel in the messiness of life itself and invite you to join us in that revelry. 

Find out why your pet chose you!

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