Why You Pick Cats

Animal communicator Shannon Cutts talks about why people prefer cats for pets.

Why you pick CATS.

You are drawn to us because we embody the self-assurance you crave.

Even when we are traumatized, even when we are scared, even when we are needy or clingy, we protect our inmost soul and guard our heart in the precise ways you most need to learn to do for yourself.

And when we are healthy, happy, in our prime, well, there is no being more glorious!

Oh, and our personal boundaries are amazing.

In an age literally characterized by TMI (too much information) we hold back and it is tantalizing to you. We give you permission to own your yes and your no.

We remind you of what it feels like to befriend yourself.

We encourage you to set your preferences and hold to them. We model the glory of choosing what makes your heart sing and accepting nothing less than that.

What would it feel like to put yourself first for once? And to honor your choice to do so?

You gravitate to what only we can teach you about self-trust, self-reliance, self-independence and self-love.

Find out why your pet chose you!