Why You Pick Birds

Animal communicator Shannon Cutts discusses why people love pet birds

Why you pick BIRDS.

You are drawn to us the way your lungs are drawn to oxygen.

It is our freedom, you see.

We are here but not here – living in this world yet so obviously not bound to or limited by any of it.

We have access to a bigger picture view than any of the other species and so we remind you to be brave. To remember the space and freedom that exists outside the boundaries of a stressful moment or even a grievous loss.

Watching us, you give yourself permission to wonder again. What would it be like to fly? To soar?

Witnessing our flight, your heart remembers a prior life on the other side of the veil where everyone has wings.

We give you hope for the future and resilience in each present moment.

In our company, you feel like you, too, can finally achieve liftoff. In our presence, you reawaken to an appreciation of life’s wondrous mysteries – surely they are real, because otherwise how could such marvelous creatures as ourselves even exist?

With us close by, you have a real life guardian angel to infuse your life with meaning and friendship.

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