Why You Pick Me

Animal communicator Shannon Cutts discusses why we love some pet species more than others

What does your favorite pet species say about you as a human animal?

What does each companion animal species want to teach us?

  • Have you ever wondered why your heart falls head over heels at first glimpse of a wagging tail?
  • Or how a simple meow! can so scramble your circuits you have no choice but to follow that sound?
  • Why a soft sleepy good morning *chirp* gets you right up and out of bed when nothing else will?
  • What is it about the feel of cool reptilian skin that reliably refills your spirit with awe?
  • Or how only the quiet communion of equine company appeases your restless soul?

Turns out, you aren’t the only one who wonders about these sorts of things.

Yup. Me too.

And – as luck would have it – I just happen to be an animal communicator.

So I asked.

I asked the canines, the felines, the avians, the reptiles, the equines.

Why do we choose you?

Click directly on your favorite species below to find out what they told me!

pssst…..you can have more than one favorite species, by the way.
But just for fun, start with your first favorite. 🙂

Why are dogs your favorite pet?
Why are cats your favorite pet?
Why are birds your favorite pet?
Why are reptiles and turtles your favorite pet?
Why are horses your favorite pet?

Learn more about why your own pet chose you when you work with me!