EFT for Pets

Animal communicator Shannon Cutts teaches emotional freedom technique EFT tapping for pets and their people

Emotional freedom technique for pets is simple.


It works as fast as you need it to….which is pretty fast when you are worried about your pet!

EFT comes to us from the world of “people” treatments – specifically, this technique has been used with great success to ease PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) symptoms in war veterans.

Turns out, what works to help our species de-stress, ease and release, is equally beneficial for our pets.

But your pet needs YOUR help to access EFT’s benefits

EFT emotional freedom technique tapping for pets taught by animal communicator Shannon Cutts

Luckily, pet EFT is easy to learn.

It is simple to use.

And I am going to teach you how!

Right now.


Start Using EFT to help your pet TODAY

Your free 4-part video series will unfold over the next four days. Here is what you will learn.

Part 1: What is EFT? Why does it work?

Part 2: How EFT works (the 3-part formula)

Part 3: How to use pet energy meridians to tap

Part 4: Tandem EFT tapping for you & your pet (BONUS!)

EFT tapping emotional freedom technique for pets with animal communicator Shannon Cutts

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