30 Day Intuitive Pet Parent Adventure

Are you craving a closer, deeper, more loving connection with your pet?

Can you find a few minutes a day for the next 30 days?

If you just answered “YES” to these two questions, you are in the right place.

But….can 30 days really transform your relationship with your pet?

YES. Because your pet is a Master Teacher in your daily life.

How do I know?

Because, out of ALL the animals and ALL the people alive on the planet right now, somehow the two of you found each other….formed a connection….decided to share your lives together.

AMAZING. This is not a coincidence. Your pet chose you – found you – for a reason. Wouldn’t you love to know what that reason is?

What does your pet want to teach you? What messages of wisdom is your pet trying to send you every day? How could your bond deepen if you could actively learn from your pet?

Designed to require just a handful of minutes of your time each day, this 30-day intuitive pet parent adventure is designed to help you FIND OUT.

Meet your 30-Day Adventure Guides

This adventure is curated by pets and their people for pets and their people. Meet your guides!

Malti the redfoot tortoise

This whole 30-day adventure is Malti’s bright idea!

Malti has had some special health challenges in life and these have made her so strong and wise.

Her endless persistence and Zen calm, combined with her intelligence and zest for learning will give you and your pet so much to explore together!

Flash Gordon the wire-haired dachshund

Flash Gordon is Malti’s brother from a different mother.

Where Malti goes, Flash follows (he is one year younger so he’s never known life without his shelled big sister and fellow adventure-seeker).

So when Flash heard Malti was creating a 30-day adventure for pet parents, he naturally wanted in.

Pearl the cockatiel

Pearl is my longtime soulbird and Master Teacher.

Pearl and I have been joined at the beak for all but 5 weeks of his 24 years of life to date. We even share the same birthday!

It is my honor to pass along some of Pearl’s amazing wisdom through this brand new FREE 30-day intuitive adventure for you and your pet.

You Are Invited!

Clients of animal communicator Shannon Cutts with Animal Love Languages

Now it is time to decide.


All species are welcome to join in the fun!

We are here to guide you, offering gentle daily prompts that will deepen your bond with your pet in minutes per day.


Our adventure is starting soon.

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Animal communicator Shannon Cutts with Animal Love Languages

Meet Your Hostess

Hi! I’m Shannon.

I am an animal sensitive and intuitive, Reiki master practitioner and animal communication teacher and mentor.

It is my delight and honor to serve as your hostess for this 30-day Intuitive Pet Parent adventure.