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Animal communicator Shannon Cutts with her soulbird cockatiel Pearl

Awakening your animal intuition is fun and easy!

Looking for tips to connect intuitively with your pet?

I think you will love these free tools. 🙂

Boost Your Pet Parent Intuition

Your pet parent intuition is the greatest gift you can give to your pet. I know….in addition to my work as an animal intuitive, I’m a pet parent, too. 🙂 

This free 30-day adventure is channeled through three of my interspecies Master Teachers. The whole experience is designed to deepen your bond with your pet, which in turn will deepen your sixth sense for how to best support, heal, empower and love them today and everyday.

Pet Love Languages for a Deeper Bond

Does your pet know you love them?

Sure, they do.

But knowing and showing are two very different (ahem) animals.

With a little help from this fast-paced, fun and free series, you can learn to say “I love you” in the way all companion animals crave yet few ever get to experience.

All you need is five free minutes per day to listen and learn.

Why You Pick Me Tool

Are you a “dog person?” A “cat person?” Did you fall in love at first sight of a bird, a tortoise, a horse?

Have you ever wondered why? Why you prefer to keep company with one (or two or three) pet species more than all the others?

One day I decided to ask the spirit of each species what specific gifts we call to us when we choose that species. They had a lot to say!

Learn what your pet preference says about what you, the human animal in the mix, most need to learn, heal from, remember.

Animal communicator Shannon Cutts discusses why you prefer dogs, cats, birds, reptiles or horses
EFT emotional freedom technique tapping for pets taught by animal communicator Shannon Cutts

EFT Tapping for Pets & Their People

Our pets have the same basic “survival wiring” we do. So then how can you tell if your pet is stuck in fight, flee or freeze?

You see the same repetitive responses no matter what you try.

Emotional freedom technique or EFT tapping is a fast, easy way to get your pet un-stuck so they can heal. Learn how to do a complete EFT tapping session with your pet in this 4-part video series.

PLUS get a BONUS Tandem EFT Tapping lesson!

FREE 5 Day Animal Communication Camp

Learn the five major intuitive pathways your pet uses to talk to you in just five minutes a day.

Join me for this fun & free 5-day Animal Communication Camp adventure (….now with bonus 6th day!)

animal communication camp with Shannon Cutts of Animal Love Languages
Animal communicator Shannon Cutts teaches a free four part series called Intuitive Pet Parent

FREE 4 Part Intuitive Pet Parent Workshop

Becoming an intuitive pet parent is the first step on the path to enjoying interspecies conversations.

This four part free Intuitive Pet Parent Workshop guides you to befriend your intuition, return home to your physical body (a MUST to hear your pet!), experience your shared world from your pet’s perspective and cultivate a deeper and more conscious bond with your pet.

Why wait? Supercharge your pet parenting intuitive skills today with these four FREE self-paced sessions.

5 Minute Interspecies Family Audit

Family is family, no matter what species (and no matter how cute).

And navigating family conflict or misunderstanding can feel especially challenging when you add species differences to the mix!

Interspecies Family Audit by animal sensitive and intuitive Shannon Cutts of Animal Love Languages
animal communicator Shannon Cutts Weekly Love Letter ezine

FREE Weekly Love Letter from Me to YOU

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Learn animal communication from the pros

In this fun podcast & YouTube vlogcast series, I chat with leading animal communicators, pet psychics, intuitive energy healers and holistic pet practitioners about all things animal communication.

Listen weekly on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts,, Amazon Music and all your favorite streaming services.

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Let's Talk to Animals podcast about interspecies communication with host Shannon Cutts of Animal Love Languages.

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