Frequently Asked Questions

I hope this selection of FAQ about animal communication will help you feel both excited and comfortable during your session – especially if this is your first time working with me!

How much information do you need to connect with my animal?

My answer to this common question often surprises people – the less I know about your pet up front, the better! My preference is to know only FOUR things* up front:

  1. Name
  2. Gender
  3. Species
  4. Alive or crossed over.

I do not need a photo** to connect with your animal (although cute pet pics are always welcomed:).

While you may feel strongly tempted to tell me as much as possible before your animal communication session, this advance “head knowledge” can actually delay or interfere with receiving the most helpful intuitive information directly from your animal.

***To be of the deepest service to you and your pet, I much prefer to wait until our scheduled session and get the answers to your questions directly from your animal.

When you schedule your session, there is a section on your session information form where you can tell me what question(s) you want to ask your pet. [Please note, I don’t read your questions before our session – it is provided for your benefit to prepare (and so I don’t surprise you when I say “okay now it is time to ask your questions!”)]

Does my animal need to attend the session?

Since the connection is done at the energetic level, your animal does not need to be present or even be awake for your scheduled animal communication session. But if your animal wants to attend they are always welcome.

What if my animal has crossed over? Can I still schedule an intuitive session?

Absolutely. You can just let me know your animal has crossed over when you complete your session information form.

*How much information do you need about my animal in advance?

Not much! I do prefer to know your animal’s name, species, gender and whether they are alive or crossed over.

**Do I need to send you a photo of my animal?

A photo is not necessary. However, if you wish to send me a photo you may do so.

Should I do anything special to prepare for my animal communication session?

Not necessarily. It can be helpful to make sure you are in a quiet, private location and to ask others not to disturb you during your session. It can also be a good idea to make sure you are hydrated, fed and rested before your session starts.

***I already told you so much about my animal! Will this ruin our session?

No it won’t. I will still be able to receive the intuitive information your animal wishes to share.

Can I take notes or record our session?


Will you take notes or record our session for me?

I have discovered it works best when you handle this aspect of our session so that you can capture the information using the method you prefer.

My animal is having some “mystery” health symptoms. Can you find out what is wrong?

I will be the first to tell worried humans to contact their veterinarian for guidance about pet medical issues!

While sometimes I do receive information during a connect that may point to underlying health concerns, the information I receive from your animal should never be viewed as a substitute or replacement for the expert care of a qualified species-specific veterinary professional. I have found that animal communication can be a helpful complement to appropriate veterinary treatment and care, especially in these types of situations:

  1. When you are worried your animal is afraid to go to the veterinarian or has past trauma from receiving veterinary care.
  2. When you are not sure your animal understands why they need to go to the vet or receive veterinary treatment.
  3. When you are not sure how veterinary treatment may be affecting your animal or what else you can do to make your pet more comfortable.
  4. When your veterinarian has indicated your animal may cross over soon and you want to prepare yourself and your animal for that possibility and/or find out what your animal’s wishes are regarding continued care and/or quality vs quantity of life.

What kinds of questions can I ask my animal during an animal intuitive session?

There are no topics that are “off limits” during an animal intuitive session. Examples of common questions include asking about food, home life, other animals in the household, adding a new pet, loss of another pet in the household, crossing over, life prior to adoption, end-of-life wishes, challenges with behavior or temperament, training or bonding and soul-level connection.

Should I choose Zoom, phone or email for my animal intuitive session?

This is a personal preference, of course. Zoom and phone sessions require a 30-minute time block on your calendar. Email sessions are done remotely and require no time commitment on your part.

There is no “better” way to do a reading. Some people prefer Zoom or phone because as we go along, there is the opportunity to gain additional clarification if something your animal communicates isn’t clear or you simply feel you need more information. However, if you have ongoing time constraints, email may offer an easier way for you to schedule your animal communication session.

Can I schedule one session to talk with multiple animals?

What is Intuitive Animal Communication?

What is Animal Reiki?

How should I prepare my pet for a pet energy healing and wellness session?

I want to help my partner’s/neighbor’s/parent’s/child’s/friend’s animal but they are not open to animal communication. Can I still schedule a session with you?

You will need to first obtain verbal permission from the animal’s owner AND we can only address issues that relate to your own relationship with that animal.

I co-parent an animal with another person. Can I schedule an intuitive session with you for that animal?

Yes, but we can only address questions or issues that relate to your own relationship with that animal.

I am a young (minor) pet parent – can I still schedule a session with you for my animal?

Of course! However, if you are younger than age 18, please obtain the permission of your parent or guardian before scheduling a session for your animal and please plan to have your parent or guardian present with you for your session.

What if something you share during our reading doesn’t make sense to me?

Definitely tell me! This is useful information and there is a lot we can do to get the clarification you need during your animal communication session.

Can I invite my partner/friend/parent/child to attend the reading with me?

You are welcome to invite others to quietly listen in. However, if an additional attendee wishes to ask additional questions and/or receive their personal soul lesson from that animal, they will need to schedule a separate session.

What animal species can you connect with?

All species and their people are welcome – dogs and cats, birds, reptiles and amphibians, fish, marine animals, insects and even plants. The universal language of all species that I use to connect in with any non-human being is the same language for all.

I have more questions that are not answered here.

I am ready to schedule my session. How do I do that?