Essential Oils & Other Natural Healing Options for Pets

Are essential oils safe for pets? What does the term essential oils even mean and how is an essential oil different from a flower essence or from aromatherapy or herbal therapy? And how can essential oils for pets work together with animal communication for improved quality of life for your pet? Animal communicator and Reiki master practitioner Shannon Cutts unpacks this complicated topic to deliver the basic facts.

Can Crystals Help Your Pet?

Quartz. Selenite. Amethyst. Opal. Agate. Are they therapeutic for pets? Toxic? Or simply the equivalent of modern-day snake oil? Animal communicator and Reiki practitioner Shannon Cutts shares her favorite crystals for pet wellness and healing.

Can EMF Pollution Hurt Your Pet?

EMFs. EMRs. WiFi. Ionizing vs non-ionizing. What the heck? What do you need to know about EMF pollution? Can it really harm your pet? If yes, how can you protect your pet? Animal intuitive Shannon Cutts simplifies the complex topic of EMR protection for pets.