Animal Reiki

Distance animal Reiki with Shannon Cutts of Animal Love Languages

Animal Reiki distance session

Eases anxiety and stress. Detoxifies. Boosts immune function. Promotes healing and wellness. Improves sleep. Increases resilience and peace during life changes, including at end of life.

These well-documented effects represent only a handful of the potential benefits animal Reiki can deliver to your pet at all stages of life.

How does distance animal Reiki work?

Currently I am offering two distance animal Reiki sessions – 30 minutes and 60 minutes.

  • Distance Animal Reiki session will be sent to your pet at your scheduled date/time.
  • I can connect with one animal during each animal Reiki session.
  • You will receive a detailed report (via email) after your pet’s session.

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Learn more about Reiki for animals and people

Distance animal Reiki with Shannon Cutts of Animal Love Languages

What is Reiki?

Perhaps you’ve heard of it. Or maybe you haven’t heard of it but now you are curious.

The word “Reiki” translates to mean “spirit guided life energy.” Reiki has traditionally been administered to ease stress, promote healing and improve overall wellbeing.

While Reiki today is known far outside its birthplace in Japan, ability to tune in and transmit the energy is still passed down through the ways of old – by individual attunement from Master to student. This is how I received my training.

There are three levels of attainment – I, II and III (Master). I am a Master Reiki practitioner through the Usui Reiki lineage.

Is Reiki good for animals?

animal Reiki on a cat with Shannon Cutts of Animal Love Languages

In its earliest days, Reiki was used as a healing modality for humans. Today, we know that animals respond to a Reiki treatment just as well – and often even better – than their humans.

In fact, there is essentially no difference between a human Reiki session and an animal Reiki session, with one exception. Not all animals tolerate the physical closeness or contact that characterizes most human Reiki sessions.

Animals are extremely sensitive to Reiki and it is important to allow an animal to move away to a distance where receiving the energy is comfortable and tolerable for them. This is why animal Reiki is often sent at a distance.

This can be done during an in-person session by simply sitting a little apart from the animal during the session. Or it can be done remotely – to do this, I only need the animal’s name and physical (geographic) location.

NOTE: Due to COVID, all animal Reiki sessions are currently only offered remotely.

What does a Reiki treatment feel like?

I received my Reiki attunements during and immediately following my father’s transition. So my first experiences offering Reiki treatments were with him.

From the start, I witnessed miracles.

Reiki allowed me to receive vital messages from my dad on the inside when he could no longer communicate through traditional channels. Reiki eased the side effects of his medications and soothed his anxiety. Reiki worked beautifully as a complement to his hospital and hospice care and, at the end, allowed him to pass with peace, dignity and grace.

animal Reiki on a horse with Shannon Cutts of Animal Love Languages

Reiki has a similar impact on animals as it does with people. A Reiki treatment can support open lines of communication, soothe anxiety and stress, reduce pain, speed healing and, in times of transition, support an easeful passing.

Reiki can also be very relaxing!

Often when I receive Reiki, I will either doze off or go into a deep and peaceful meditative state. Many animals will respond by laying quietly or enjoying a restful snooze during their treatment.

How is Reiki administered?

animal Reiki chakra balancing - distance animal Reiki with Shannon of Animal Love Languages

In the traditional system developed in Japan, Reiki was administered through laying on of hands – either with or without touch contact. These methods are still practiced today.

Reiki can also be administered remotely. This is called distance Reiki and it is the primary way I use Reiki to support animals and their people.

Reiki is just as beneficial when administered in person or sent remotely. With ongoing pandemic safety concerns, many people prefer to receive remote Reiki today for both themselves and their animals.

How can Reiki and animal communication work together?

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Reiki ideals -  distance animal reiki with Shannon of Animal Love Languages