Animal Communication Workshop

animal communication deep dive workshop with Shannon Cutts

What will you learn in this unique deep dive workshop?

As animal communication becomes more well-known, accepted and popular, it can feel tempting to layer on all kinds of extra steps that can actually lengthen your learning curve!

This workshop is designed to do the opposite.

I strip it down for you to the absolute essentials – what you need to know right now to talk to animals.

First, we get your left brain mind on board with the whole experience. Easing fears and doubts is essential to turn your rational, logical, analytical mind from an adversary into an ally in interspecies communication.

Next, we get you wired up for success during your very first animal communication practice session. I share my personal simple and trustworthy process to ground and center yourself so your intuitive “eyes & ears” are wide open.

BONUS: Before our hour together is over, you will be practicing with one of my personal animals – and you will have an open invitation to email me for guidance and feedback on your conversation!

Sound good? Ready to get started? I am supporting you wholeheartedly from here.

All you have to do is say YES. 🙂

Enjoy a preview of this quick-start workshop

You are just a click away from talking to animals 🙂


Deep Dive Animal Communication Workshop with BONUS

Would you like to jump start your animal communication journey? Learning the fine art of interspecies conversation doesn’t have to be a long and arduous process. Discover how easy and fun animal communication can be when you say yes to this one-hour, deep dive, hands-on experiential workshop with animal intuitive and sensitive Shannon Cutts. BONUS: includes a guided practice session with an animal!