Animal Communication for the Human Animal

Welcome! Shannon here….and I could not be more excited to welcome you to Animal Communication for the Human Animal!

I created this course to de-mystify the art of interspecies communication.

Animal communication is not difficult. It is just subtle. If you have ever – even once – had a hunch, a vibe, an aha moment, an experience of deja vu or a premonition, then know you are likely already talking with animals. You just don’t realize it yet.

I can help you with that.

Animal communication makes use of a universal language all species share in common.

Animal Communication for the Human Animal is a brand new, on-demand, deep dive course that covers all of the same material from my live Animal Communication Adventure flagship program, but in a self-paced format you can access anytime, anywhere.

With the launch of this fresh new course format, you no longer have to wait to learn my personal step-by-step process to connect and communicate with animals, plants, insects and all of life.

  • Learn on your own schedule at the pace that is perfect for you.
  • Activate and expand your interspecies intuition.
  • Feel alive and connected to yourself and all life at a whole new and deeper level.
  • Say YES to your animal communication dreams.

This is all possible when you enroll in Animal Communication for the Human Animal, a meticulously curated course designed to deliver maximum results in a minimum time frame for the dedicated student.

Curious about what we will cover in this deep dive on-demand adventure? Explore the course content now.

Module 1: A step-by-step method for tuning in.

I share my personal 4-step process for tuning in to receive and send accurate communications with animals. 

You will learn EXACTLY what I do to prepare for each and every animal communication session.

I have used this exact same 4-step process for hundreds of animal communication sessions both with embodied pets and pets who have crossed. I know you are going to love the simplicity and ease!

Module 2: What is intuition (and what is it NOT)?

Intuition is the superhighway of interspecies communications. Sending messages. Receiving messages. Transmitting sensory data – messages –back and forth with speed, clarity and accuracy.

This week we learn about the six major intuitive pathways through which these messages can be received and sent. And we take a short, fun guided contemplation journey that teaches you how to use them.

Perhaps you are already highly intuitive. Maybe one or more of these pathways is already quite open. But what about the others? You definitely don’t want to miss out on the full message the animals are sending you!

Module 3: Self-care and why it is not optional in animal communication.

Oddly, self-care often presents as an extremely unglamorous topic. Like, “but I just want to talk to animals!” And I get it. I truly do.

But if you want to talk to animals clearly, accurately and consistently, you must maintain a high vibrational frequency. You must hold the energetic space for interspecies communication to unfold. And this can take some doing. 

In this third and final session, we talk about why how you show up for you will ultimately determine how well – or if – your animal communication efforts bear fruit. 

If you’ve made it this far, you have the building blocks of what it takes to communicate with animals. Which means now you are in make-or-break territory. This lesson teaches you how to set yourself up for lasting success.

Module 4: Whole-Body Listening with Empathy (taking body mapping to a whole new level).

Yes, we will talk about body scanning, or body mapping as it is sometimes called.

But whole-body listening with empathy is about so much more than body scanning. For starters, it is at the CORE of receiving consistent, confident animal communication results.

This one is quite simply a game-changer….and I can’t wait to share it with you! 

Module 5: The Question Stacking Effect (sending & receiving clear communications)

Yes, we will still talk about asking clear questions to get clear answers.

But here again, even if the question you ask is perfectly clear and the animal’s reply is perfectly clear, so much can still be lost “in translation” on its way through your brain….unless you do these things FIRST.

I know you are going to LOVE this week’s focus. 

Module 6: Tackling the “What Now?” in animal communication (what to do with what you get)

Yes, we will still talk about adding another human to the mix.

But truthfully, there is already a human in the mix – you! – who very much needs to know what to “do” with the information your animal is giving you!

This is the part where magic can be lost….or found. And it is such an important part of the puzzle I almost included it in Day 1 of our journey! 

Full-color 32-page PDF booklet: Visual Guide to Animal Communication.

Video and audio meditations to hear the animals clearly.

Guided prompts to support your animal communication practice sessions.