Animal Communication Adventure

Turtle greets bird - animal communication course with animal communicator Shannon Cutts of Animal Love Languages

The next class starts in May – only 5 spaces available!

If you are reading these words, please know it is not by accident.

Landing on this page can mean only one thing.

Your interest in interspecies communication goes deeper than simply seeking out an experienced translator to help you and your pet chat & connect from time to time.

We all have different callings and different paths in life. Pursuing interspecies communication isn’t for all of us.

But I believe it may be for you.

So how would you like to take what you have already learned from me about animal communication one step further?

Sound intriguing?

Read on! 🙂

You are invited to come on an adventure with me!

Woman loves cat - animal communication course with animal communicator Shannon Cutts of Animal Love Languages

Where are we going?

We are going to the space inside where you and your pet are already connected and already communicating all. the. time.

I will be your guide. Your mentor. Your coach. Your friend.

Why take this journey?

Because something inside you recognizes that interspecies communication is not only possible for you, but is actually already happening.

You know it is real. You know … are pretty darned sure, anyway …. that you can do it.

But why doesn’t it feel….solid?

Trustworthy? Reliable?

Why do you “know” one minute and doubt what you know the next?

I can help you with this.

What will we be doing?

travel journal - animal communication course with animal communicator Shannon Cutts of Animal Love Languages

Full disclosure here. This isn’t going to be a big fancy “school” experience.

Nope. Nothing like that.

I like hands-on, practical, putting-it-into-action kinds of learning (and if you are still reading I’m betting you do too).

And so – mark my words – you WILL be talking to animals by the end of our first hour together.


Sounds exciting, right?

I’m excited too.

Our adventure together will take place over 21 days.

You will take a walk in my footsteps as I guide you through the steps I took to learn to “do what I do” as an animal communicator.

It didn’t take me long, by the way.

And I will share that story with you in our very first session! (It IS relevant, trust me.)

Over our three weeks together, we will explore….

  • The building blocks of how interspecies communication happens.
  • The two KEY things you MUST do to keep your mind quiet during a conversation with your pet.
  • The vital role intention setting plays in deepening dialogue with our pets.
  • How to use healing energy to tune in, create a safe space and open up to receive messages from your pet.

Are you in?


Here’s what to do next.

Only 5 spaces are available!

The thing is, I am keeping this small.


Just five of us (and one of me). 🙂

A carefully curated journey so you get a truly interactive experience with me and with your fellow adventurers (of all species).

We will Zoom *live* each week. And have lots of opportunities in between to interact, explore, experience your awakening abilities.

Our journey starts the moment you claim your spot.

(Really. Watch your inbox. :-))

Still reading? Still intrigued?


Now it is time.

Time to opt in.

Meet me there, in the place inside you that knows it doesn’t have to take all of your time or empty your wallet to craft a firm foundation for every future communication you ever have with your pet.

What about, um, you know, money?

flying gold coin - animal communication course with animal communicator Shannon Cutts of Animal Love Languages

Oh yes. The crispy green paper (my parrot Pearl loves that stuff).

Yes. This adventure will require some of that.

If you’ve taken any of my free courses, you already know I LOVE “free.” But for this adventure, we will be moving beyond the terrain of dabbling in the shallows and into the deep water territory of conscious commitment.

Your financial investment represents your time commitment, your longing to pursue interspecies fluency AND your trust in yourself to do just that.

And it truly is an investment. In you. In your pet. In your dreams.

And I am ALL IN to guide you and ensure your investment pays off…in extraordinarily wonderful ways.

When I commit and you commit, very cool things can happen.

So here is the moment when you say “I’m in.” When you step forward with your commitment of time. And your commitment of crispy green paper. With each, you RSVP “yes!” to the invitation.

What invitation?

This invitation.

To trust yourself enough to sign up.

Show up.

Begin to welcome in an unfolding of your interspecies communication abilities.

For real.

So let’s do this!

So what is my investment?

love bubble - animal communication course with animal communicator Shannon Cutts of Animal Love Languages

Okay, so what kind of investment are we talking about here?

If you have ever worked with me one-on-one, you probably remember making an investment of anywhere from $75 to $195 depending on your session type and length.

And you probably remember thanking yourself for making that investment in your relationship with your pet.

Because in just 30 to 60 minutes, you learned so much about how to better serve, support and love the companion animal in your life.

What if you could double or triple those same kind of return on investment in just three weeks time?

For this first-ever 21-day pilot program, your up-front investment is $225.

In return, my investment in YOU includes:

  • 3 hours of live Zoom sessions with me (one per week)
  • Access to my personal pets for practice!
  • Hand-crafted handouts to enhance your experience
  • Simple, effective tools I use every day during my pet sessions
  • Ongoing access to me during our adventure for extra support

Why is the price so low?

Girl with a bird - animal communication course with animal communicator Shannon Cutts of Animal Love Languages

Wow. That is a low price.

Yes, it is.

I don’t do this work for the money.


I do it for the pets. And their people.

And I also do it so I can help more pets and their people.

So I will be asking you to allow me to record our Zoom calls together so I can learn & grow as a teacher AND potentially create an on-demand version for others to enjoy.

And I will be counting on your feedback from this first-ever pilot course to refine the material for the benefit of future adventurers.


I am so looking forward to this! I hope you are too. 🙂

When do we start?

Right now*, our three *live* Zoom calls are scheduled for Monday evenings on May 2, May 9 and May 16.

Each Zoom will be from 7pm to 8pm CST (5pm to 7pm PST / 6pm to 7pm MST / 8pm to 9pm EST)

Calls will be recorded in the event you enroll and are not able to attend live.

*these dates are subject to change if I discover our group has more availability on a different set of dates.

What is it like to study with me?

The Intuitive Pet Parent workshop was a great experience which helped me be more in-tune with my conure Berry. The host Shannon is so friendly and welcoming to people and pets of all walks of life, and Berry and I thoroughly enjoyed each week’s session. Shannon made each lesson fun and engaging, and shared unique tools which help me foster the friendship I wish to have with Berry. I am more confident in my interactions with Berry and all other animals now, and this is just such an amazing journey to embark on! Thank you Shannon!
Gladys Mufalli & Berry