Intuitive Animal Communication

Intuitive Animal Communication Session

Animal communication with extra depth and meaning. Delivering powerful messages for pets and their people.

The method of animal communication I have developed is called Intuitive Animal Communication. And these are just a few of the benefits you can expect to receive when you schedule your pet’s session.

What happens during your pet’s animal intuitive session with me?

Currently I am offering three session options: 30-minute (Email-only), 30-minute (Phone or Zoom) or 60-minute (Phone or Zoom).

I’m in! Let’s book it!

Learn about Intuitive Animal Communication

What is intuitive animal communication?

Animal communication itself makes use of a sensory language shared by all species.

How does the information come in? There are many ways! Examples include images, words, songs, smells, tastes, sounds, physical sensations and instant deep knowings.

The key to making animal communication work is to make sure the animal communicator is a clear channel for the information as it flows in. In other words, my job is to listen to your animal, translate the messages into words and then communicate your pet’s messages to you.

Not surprisingly, this is the part that takes time, training, plenty of practice and – most vitally – a deep and abiding intention to receive clear communication from your pet.

Ready to give your pet the gift of intuitive animal communication?