Animal Communication Adventure

Animal Communication Adventure course with animal communication teacher Shannon Cutts


I am so excited to welcome you to my flagship learning program….

Animal Communication Adventure.

Initially, I created this course based on direct REQUESTS from several of my animal communication clients.

So I said yes. And I taught them how to do what I do.

Then I got to watch their hopeful faces light up when they heard their pets speak for the very first time.

YOU could be next!

Animal communication teacher Shannon Cutts teaches Animal Communication Adventure course.

Can people really learn to talk to animals?

Here is what I want you to know UP FRONT.

No matter what you might have heard, animal communication is not difficult to learn.

It is also not a gift….or at least not a gift that only certain people get. We all have the same ability.

I have it. You have it too.

But you may be wondering…..

If this is true, then why can’t you hear the animals speaking already? Why do you try to talk to your pet and get only silence or confusion in return?

It is because the animals approach communication much differently than we do. And nothing in our modern education system teaches us to notice or use our interspecies communication pathways.

So you and I – modern humans – need to seek out an animal communication mentor. A guide.

We need someone who has mastered this process to help us learn how body, mind and intuition all works together to make two-way communication with animals possible.

Do you want to learn? I can teach you.

Why take time to learn animal communication?

What will change when you can hear your pet, the wild animals you share space with, the birds and insects, your houseplants, the natural world?


A few ways my animal communication students have used their newfound skills….

  • Understand what your pet is trying to tell you.
  • Include your animals in important family decisions.
  • Ask your pet before adding another animal to your family.
  • Verify a new animal is “the one” before making the commitment to adopt.
  • Tell your pet what to expect when you are planning a vacation (& check in while you are away).
  • Learn about the soul contract you & your pet share and what they are in your life to teach you.
  • Discover your pet’s end-of-life wishes and feel confident in the choices you make on their behalf.
  • Find out what your pet wants and needs to stay healthy and happy.

Discovering your ability to communicate with animals is a bucket list learning journey with unlimited possibilities and zero regrets.

What will you learn in this course?

This six-week flagship Animal Communication Adventure experience is designed to teach you my personal step-by-step process to connect and communicate with animals, plants, insects and all of life.

Animal Communication Adventure is a one-of-a-kind, meticulously curated course designed to deliver maximum results in a minimum time frame for the dedicated student.

No filler, no fluff – just hands-on learning and real-time practice using time-tested how-to instructions brought to you by a successful working professional animal communicator.

Why enroll now?

I only offer this hands-on, immersive animal communication course once or twice each year. And I only accept a maximum of 10 students per class. So if you are seeing this right now, now is a great time to enroll!

Learn animal communication with Shannon Cutts by enrolling in Animal Communication Adventure.

Explore all six modules and high-value course extras.

Week 1: “4 Steps to Communicate”

Lesson + LIVE ZOOM practice session

We dive in right away as I share my personal 4-step process for tuning in to receive and send accurate communications with animals. 

I have used this exact same 4-step process for hundreds of animal communication sessions both with embodied pets and pets who have crossed. I know you are going to love its simplicity and ease!

Week 2: “Intuitive Awakening”

Lesson + LIVE ZOOM practice session

Intuition is the superhighway of interspecies communications. Sending messages. Receiving messages. Transmitting sensory data – messages –back and forth with speed, clarity and accuracy.

Take a short and fun guided contemplation journey with me that teaches you how to use each intuitive pathway in real time to talk with animals.

Week 3: “Self Care”

Lesson + LIVE ZOOM practice session

Self-care is honestly that “elephant in the room” topic we know we need but never really want to take time to tend to. Like, “but I just want to talk to animals!” And I get it. I truly do.

In this third session, we talk about why how well you show up for you will ultimately determine how well – or if – your animal communication efforts bear fruit. 

Week 4: “Whole Body Listening”

Lesson + LIVE ZOOM practice session

Empathy is the single most powerful tool you will ever add to your toolkit as an interspecies communicator. It is also perhaps the most under-utilized.

In this lesson, I teach you how to turn up the volume on your “empathy channel” so you can use your own body as a listening device to receive animal messages.

Week 5: “Asking Clear Questions”

Lesson + LIVE ZOOM practice session

Asking clear questions is a huge component of receiving back clear answers from the animal. Yet so much can still be lost “in translation” on its way through your internal processing system….unless you take these key steps FIRST.

Maybe you are already a master communicator with your own species. But if you aspire to become a master communicator with other species, you will also need the information in this lesson.

Week 6: “Boundaries & Ethics”

Lesson + LIVE ZOOM practice session

“What now” is the inevitable outcome of every single interspecies conversation you facilitate, whether for yourself and your own animals or on behalf of another human and their animals.

Establishing clear, consistent, ethical boundaries frees you to do the greatest good as part of each animal’s greater care team. This lesson will teach you how to help other humans make good use of the information their animal gives you.

What is included with Animal Communication Adventure?

  • Six VIDEO LESSONS packed with detailed information to awaken your intuitive pathways.
  • Six LIVE ZOOM practice sessions with me to put your new skills into action!
  • 32-page Visual Guide to Animal Communication that supports different learning styles.
  • Two guided meditations to aid in mental calm and confidence to hear the animals clearly.
  • Email access to me for questions and personalized support during & after your course.

Count me in! When do we start?

The course runs for six consecutive weeks. Each week you will receive a fresh new video lesson that introduces the learning module for that week. Then we will meet live on Zoom to practice communicating with animals using what you have learned.

The summer 2023 Animal Communication Adventure class begins on Monday, June 12th when you receive your first video learning module. You will have a full week to watch the lesson before our first practice session.

Our six live Zoom practice sessions will take place from 6-7pm CST on these dates.

  • Monday, June 19
  • Monday, June 26
  • Monday, July 3
  • Monday, July 10
  • Monday, July 17
  • Monday, July 24

Why choose me as your teacher, mentor, guide, cheerleader?

Happy, empowered students share their experiences

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Animal Communication Adventure course with animal communicator and teacher Shannon Cutts

Still have questions? Let’s chat. 🙂

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