Hi! I’m Shannon.

Animal sensitive & intuitive.

If you are ready to listen and learn, your animal is ready to speak and share.

Rainbow Bridge medium.

Reconnecting you with beloved pets who have passed.

Reiki Master practitioner.

Certified at the Master level to offer Reiki healing energy for the well-being of pets and their people.

ALL species welcome!

Feathers, shells, scales, fins, fur, antennae, leaves, something else …. I work with ALL species.

(top to bottom: me with Malti, Pearl, Bruce)

Home of Intuitive Animal Communication.

Do any of these sound familiar? I can help!

Frustrated by problem pet behaviors?

Animals are masters of unconditional love. Frequently, pet behavior problems are love letters your pet is sending to you.

Wishing there was a way you could “talk” to your animal?

I can help you connect with your love through the universal language of all species.

Missing a beloved pet who has passed?

Together we can turn the Rainbow Bridge into a bridge of continued communication & connection.

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What Pet Parents Are Saying

Shannon is amazing!

She has such a divine connection to animals. Truly a loving presence that shines through. Recently my beloved Meaux passed. At 28 years old he lived a pretty full life for such a small parrot. As a concerned Mom, I wanted to make sure he made it to the Good Place. Shannon was able to connect with him immediately and Meaux was so willing to talk. In fact, Shannon communicated that he was so very happy and chatty. She was spot on about his personality and passing. Then she took it one step further by revealing my soul lesson and how Meaux is now my Spirit Animal, ready to help me with anything at any time. This session went so much deeper than I ever expected. It was truly a profound experience. Thank you Shannon for helping me through my grief and showing me that Meaux will always be with me in my heart.
Kimberly Lamaze & Meaux

Shannon is gifted & loving.

She is a gifted and loving animal communicator. She was sensitive and caring while also telling me some important information about my Ragdoll cats who have passed over. It is obvious that Shannon is called to do this important work of connecting us to our animals through love. 
Betsy Bass, Kiki & Romeo

Shannon is such a gentle soul.

I can see why Shannon is so in tune with animals. She was able to pinpoint Trixie’s personality and condition immediately. This was the first time that I had used an animal communicator and Shannon definitely came through with some major insights beyond my expectations. Trixie was very responsive during the session and soon after she regained her bright energy once again. Shannon made recommendations based on what she received from Trixie, such as massaging her aching hips, which has helped her tremendously. In fact, Trixie is much more communicative now than before, and I have learned that there is so much more to her bark than just a bark. Thank you so much Shannon for helping to bring the pep back into Trixie’s step.
Debbie Burke & Trixie

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