How to Choose An Animal Communicator

So you want to have a conversation with your pet. Now you are on the hunt for an animal communicator. But who should you hire? Is there something specific to look for….or to watch out for? Learn 3 tips that can help guide you to choose the right animal intuitive for your needs and goals.

  1. Does the animal communicator have a plentiful selection of happy reviews?

In this peer network-driven world we live in, reviews are everything. Reviews are GOLD.

Reason being, while the majority of people will take the extra time to leave a review when they are unhappy with a service, it takes a special experience to motivate a busy client to leave a review when they are HAPPY with a service.

So as you are researching animal communicators, take time to read reviews from past clients. Reading reviews can often help you answer preliminary questions like these:

slider turtle pet - animal communication with Shannon of Animal Love Languages
  • Do they work with your animal’s species (some communicators only work with dogs, cats and horses while other intuitives work with all species).
  • Do reviews indicate the communicator has had success resolving the kind of questions or issues you and your animal are dealing with?
  • Are reviewers willing to share their full real name and photos of themselves and/or their animals?

2. Does the animal communicator clearly explain what they do and how they work?

Animal communicators who take their calling and their work seriously will take the time to educate potential clients about what they do (as well as what they don’t do) and how they do it.

A professional animal communicator should provide a professional website that offers information about that communicator’s background and training, qualifications, services, hours, fees and methods of contact.

cat sees bird on laptop - animal communication with Shannon of Animal Love Languages

You can learn a lot by surfing around the website while paying attention to how the animal communicator presents herself or himself.

Do you find yourself getting drawn in and feeling eager to keep reading and learning more? Or does the information leave you feeling lukewarm or ill at ease?

Tune in to your gut and consider whether you are resonating with the animal communicator’s presentation and communication style. Remember, you are going to let this person talk to your animal, so choose wisely!

3. Is the animal communicator prompt and professional when responding to your inquiry?

If everything else checks out, the final step is to reach out directly to inquire about booking a session.

Then pay attention to how the animal communicator responds.

Do you hear from them promptly (within 48 business hours, tops)? Are they courteous, professional and enthusiastic about working with you? Can they get you scheduled within a reasonable time frame?

Choosing an animal communicator is a very personal decision. After all, while we may be able to talk to animals, our gifts and training are still filtered through our individual personality and perspective.

Like every other relationship, you may have more “chemistry” with one animal communicator than another even if both are equally gifted. Give yourself time and space to consider your options and sense what feels right before making your decision.

If what you are reading here resonates with you, I would love to work with you and your pet! Click the button below to find out how I can help.

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Animal sensitive and intuitive with Animal Love Languages. Parrot, tortoise and box turtle mama. Dachshund auntie.

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