When Should You Hire An Animal Communicator

Sometimes you just know. It is time – time to find out what your pet wants, needs, thinks, feels or knows. And then sometimes you don’t know and you are stuck up in your mind trying to “figure out” if animal communication can help. When should you hire an animal communicator? These 3 tips can help you decide.

  1. Understand what type of service animal communication provides.

An animal communicator is someone who can connect with your pet on an energetic level using the universal language of all species. This is a sensory language that flows from our shared innate survival instincts. This is why all human animals (as well as all non-human animals) can speak it.

two people hiking with two dogs - animal communication with Shannon of Animal Love Languages

However, you may not know you can speak it. Even if you do know, you may not know how to speak it, or how to speak it well.

Most importantly, you may be too close to a situation, question or issue you have with your pet to speak it objectively when talking to your own animal.

An animal communicator is an experienced, objective professional who can create a bridge of communication between you and your pet so that you can have a productive two-way conversation.

2. Know what animal communication can do…..and can’t do.

An animal communicator is not a veterinarian, a holistic veterinary practitioner, a naturopath, a therapist, a diagnostician or a dietitian. An animal communicator is also not an animal trainer, behaviorist or interventionist.

However, some animal communicators may also have these skills that they use elsewhere in their life and work. For example, I know an animal communicator who also has a dog training business. But she doesn’t do dog training during an animal communication session or vice versa, even though she may help the same client train their dog and talk to their animal at different points in time.

My point is, each is its own separate discipline and deserves to be treated as such.

So how can you know when you need an animal trainer (or veterinarian, or energy healer, or fill-in-the-blanks other professional) and when you need an animal communicator?

dog stares at camera - animal communication with Shannon of Animal Love Languages

Here is an example. Last week I spoke with a woman whose elderly dog was being treated for cancer.

This client didn’t seek me out to get a second opinion on her dog’s medical health. She sought me out to discover if her dog wanted to continue with aggressive treatment measures or not.

This is a perfect use of animal communication.

When used in this way, animal communication can be a useful and effective complement to other animal services.

3. Pinpoint what ONLY animal communication can accomplish.

In the example I just shared, it is easy to see where and how animal communication fits in – and, most importantly, what only animal communication can accomplish.

It is always the right choice to hire an animal communicator when your goal is to talk to your animal directly.

Here are some common reasons people want to talk to their pets directly:

  • You want to know your pet’s wishes.
  • You are struggling to understand your pet’s behavior.
  • You want to feel closer to your animal and deepen your bond.
  • You are grieving a pet that has passed and want to reconnect.
  • Your animal is new to your family and is having trouble settling in.
  • You have two animals in the family that are not getting along with each other.
  • Your pet prefers one family member over others and this is causing tension.
  • You are worried that your pet isn’t happy.
  • You want to tell your pet you are moving, taking a vacation, having a baby, etc.

Do you have questions only your pet can answer? I can help! Click the button below to talk to your pet directly!

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